#GirlPowerMonth: Women Who Inspire Me Vol. 2!

A woman that I admire from history is Eleanor Roosevelt. Her poise and dignity as a First Lady was so inspiring! Her quotes are also so inspirational and I think she is a wonderful role model and strong woman because of her ability to have compassion and connect with others.

I currently admire is current First Lady Michelle Obama. The poise she carries with her is very vibrant. She appears to be a phenomenal mother and wife. I think of her as a strong woman because as I can only imagine it is a tough job being the First Lady of the United States, especially while remaining true to herself in the midst of her husband's work and criticism. She also takes time to encourage healthy life styles which is something to admire as well.
Knowing that there are so many problems in the world that people want to be fixed, inspires me to be a leader today. It makes me want to stand up to the issues and be one of those people who help make the world a better place to live in, like what Eleanor Roosevelt did in the past and what Michelle Obama is doing now.

Amber is a senior in high school and is a Girl Talk Leader in her community. She got involved with Girl Talk because she wants to provide inspiration to all.  She believes that the lessons she has learned in Girl Talk will help her become a great leader of tomorrow.

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