Top 5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stronger & Your Life Easier

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September is National Update Your Resume Month and, it's that time of year…Whether you’re in high school preparing to apply for college, in college applying for internships, or in college preparing to face the real world and applying for jobs, it’s time for everyone’s favorite pastime: building a resume. 😉

Okay, so maybe it’s not that scary, but it can be a stressful undertaking, especially when potential colleges, internships, and jobs are in the mix and deadlines are looming over you. So, have a spoonful of sugar, remember a few of your favorite things, read our top tips, and then you won’t feel so bad!

1.      Keep it to 1-page and make sure your formatting is simple and consistent.

Think of your resume as part of a first impression, you want it to be straightforward, informative, and unique, then your personal statement/cover letter makes the reader want to know more. (More on that later…)

2.     Create a header that gives your name, contact info, and LinkedIn URL (if you don't have one, make one, and personalize your URL, you're a person, not a bunch of numbers that a website generates). 

3.     Utilize action verbs, like “utilize”! (See what we did there?) Try not to use the same verbs in a row (check out this list if you’re stuck) and use words that are in the actual job/internship description so a computer can identify you as a match.

4.    Maintain a working resume. Every time you do, accomplish, or receive something that is or might be “resume-worthy,” add it to your working resume so you don’t forget about all your valuable experiences and achievements further down the road…

5.   Build an individual resume for each job or internship that you apply for. Let that working resume be the one that holds ALL your information, jobs, responsibilities, skills, etc. That way you can pull from that master resume to create resumes tailored to the specific requirements and descriptions for each job or internship.


Writing a personal statement or cover letter is the other part of this “first impression.” This is where you can elaborate upon things that are in your resume and include the less tangible things about your personality/work ethic that the resume doesn't include.

You have the opportunity to show your potential college or employer who you are and what sets you apart from other applicants. One of the best ways to do that is to make it personal, make yourself memorable--why should they want to have you in their organization, and why do you want to be a part of their organization?

You have the opportunity here to make a connection—maybe a lesson you learned or experience you had taught you something that connects to the company’s values, the organization’s mission, or the school's motto. (This also shows them that you’ve you’re your research on them, which is key!)

The short version is that you can and should take advantage of this opportunity to make yourself stand out and tell your story, because that’s a story that only you can tell.

Schools and employers of all kinds generally have a few questions in their minds: Why should they pick you? What will you bring to the table that no one else will?

So take this chance to tell them.

See? No worries.

Love + gratitude,

Missing: #MondayMotivation | Reward Offered

I don’t know about you, but this week my #MondayMotivation was seriously lacking. Sure, going “Back to School” or starting any new chapter is exciting for a while, but then a Monday is a Monday is a Monday, right? It happens to everyone.

I usually have big plans for my Mondays—wake up early, have a great breakfast, put together a super cute outfit, get to work early, accomplish everything on my to-do list, go to the gym, and drink 64 oz. of water while leaping tall buildings in a single bound. And sometimes, it happens, and you have a picture-perfect day and can post a cute pic of your completed to-do list or #OOTD! 

It’s a great feeling.

But real talk, sometimes it really doesn’t happen. Sometimes you wake up late, throw on a go-to outfit*, grab a granola bar, get where you need to be later than you want, and drag yourself through the day until you get to skip the gym and go home. It’s harder to accomplish what you want to, or to feel like you’ve accomplished anything. (For me, those days are usually Mondays.)

Those days happen, and though they don’t feel great, it’s okay to have them.

Most importantly, Monday or not, you just can’t let the bad days define your whole week. Having one bad day doesn’t mean that your whole week, month, year, or life has gone off track, even if it feels that way.

Whether you’re in school, in the working world, at home, or anywhere, this is for you. You can control how the rest of the week goes, and here are some tips to get your days back on the “right” track.

Take it one day at a time. Each day is an individual opportunity, independent of the day before it. If Monday wasn’t the best, it means you had a bad day, not that you’re going to have a bad week. (Apply as needed to any other day of the week.)

Be intentional and decide to have a better day. A new day is a new opportunity to be more positive, to be happier, and to set and accomplish your goals. But those things won’t just happen. You have be intentional about them. Choose to look for the positive, to experience gratitude, to let those little frustrations roll off your back, and to hold yourself to a (realistic) to-do list.

Clothes, lunch, backpack? Plan ahead. Pick out your outfit and make your lunch for the next day before you go to sleep at night (unless you have a uniform and/or a meal plan). Pack up your backpack with all your homework, books, etc. before you go to bed, too. Do as much as you can the night before to make getting out of the door in the morning much easier.

Make a list, then re-evaluate. So many of us have huge, unrealistic expectations of ourselves and what we “should” be able to accomplish. (I have a chronic issue with this.) Go ahead, make that long, long master to-do list, but then be kind to yourself. Make a shorter list of things that absolutely have to be done today, and what you can realistically accomplish without losing your mind. Please hear me: You are not a bad person because you can’t accomplish a hundred pages of tasks (for school, work, home, you, etc.) in a single day.

Get enough sleep. Take care of your body. Trust me, everything will be easier if you do. (Pro-tip: If your mind starts spinning with things that need doing as soon as you lie down, keep a notepad by the bed. Do a brain dump to get it all on paper, and deal with it tomorrow.)

I hope these help! Let me know if these tips work for you, or what tips you have for being intentional about your life and time.

Now, I’m going to try to take my own advice…😉

Love and gratitude, 


*always have a go-to outfit, always.


#FreshmanFriday Kyla's Keys to College

My tip for college freshman is to not be afraid to put yourself out there! 

Go to the organization fairs on campus. Organizations and clubs are one the best ways to meet new friends at your new home! 

Take advantage of the career fairs your school offers, and broaden your scope of potential careers. 

Go to a performance put on by your school’s performing arts department. 

Don’t be afraid to get lost on campus. Some days I purposely got lost on campus so I’d get to know my campus better. 

If you are struggling in a class, utilize your professors’ office hours! They want you to succeed and will be glad that you are taking the initiative to succeed in their class. But if going to your professor is a little too daunting for you, find out if your school has a peer tutoring program. My school had numerous peer tutoring programs facilitated through different departments like the residence halls, the library, and academic services. 

Go ahead and apply for the internship that you don’t think you’ll land. You never know what may happen! 

Overall, make sure you don’t graduate college wishing you hadn’t missed out on some awesome opportunities.

--Kyla Thomas

Meet Kyla!

Name: Kyla Thomas
School: Georgia Southern University
Major/minor/year: Special Education; Sophomore

How did you get involved with GT? I was searching for internships on a job/internship search engine and Girl Talk popped up. I did some research on the organization and knew that interning with them would be a great way to give back to my Atlanta community, so I applied!

What is your best advice for high school girls who will be going to college in the next few years? Don't be afraid to let go of friendships that have run their course. Acknowledge it. Talk about it with the other person. End things respectfully and with love. People outgrow each other, and that's okay. The friendship isn't over. It's just complete.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working or studying? I like to have movie nights with my friends. We grab blankets, order pizza, make popcorn, and will watch movies until the last person falls asleep.

Current dream job? I'd like to work for the Board of Education in a struggling area to help provide them with access to better education.

What’s your go-to coffee order? The only coffee I've ever had is a vanilla bean frappe from Starbucks. I don't drink coffee that often.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? The journey is just as important as the destination.

#FreshmanFriday Surviving and Thriving: From High School to College

The Next Chapter:

High school has ended and you are preparing for college. If you are anything like me, you are experiencing so many different feelings; you’re happy, scared, excited, nervous, etc. Trust me, I’ve been there. These emotions are normal. You are beginning a new chapter of your life. Everything you have known until now is changing. You may be moving away for college, or you may be staying home, either way, it’s a big change.

For the first three weeks I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. There were days I didn’t think I could do the whole “college” thing. There were days I wanted to move back home. But then there were days where I knew this place was now home. There were days of exploring my new city and days living in the library. There were tears, but there were even more laughs with new friends who would become “my people” <3. I know it’s scary……. being in a new place, with new people, and being able to do your own thing. You get to learn how to adult! Sometimes it’s not fun, but it’s worth it. It pushes you to learn and grow.

College can be a place of extreme growth. You are surrounded by people of different cultures and beliefs and it makes you take a step back and look inside to find who you are and who you want to be. Maybe high school wasn’t your thing. Maybe you didn’t like who you were in high school. Well now is your chance to be who you want to be. College is a clean slate. It will be hard somedays. Hang in there. Growing pains always come with growth, but in the end what the pain can produce is amazing. 

--Aimee, Girl Talk Intern

Celebrating Aimee's birthday at Girl Talk HQ!
Tiara and cupcakes required.
Meet Aimee!

Name: Aimee Dykes
School: Samford University
Major/minor/year: Business Management and Entrepreneurship Double Major, Senior

How did you get involved with GT? I first met Haley through my mom at the Thirty-One Conference in Atlanta. I fell in love with the mission of Girl Talk and the heart behind it. At that point in time I was transitioning out of high school, so I wasn't able to get involved in a chapter, but I helped where I could.

What made you want to be a Girl Talk Intern? As I mentioned before, I fell in love with the mission of Girl Talk a few years back, and I knew I wanted to help support the organization in any way I could. I also knew that it would be an amazing learning experience about the field I would one day like to go into.

What is your best advice for high school girls who will be going to college in the next few years? Study in high school. If you learn how to study now, it will be a lot easier making the transition into college. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there; whether that means applying to your dream school despite you thinking it's not possible, or maybe it means you don't want to go to a university and instead you go to cosmetology school. Never forget who you are and who you want to become. Do not let others dictate your future.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working or studying? My favorite thing to do is explore the city I live in; finding new coffee shops, or eating at a local restaurant, hiking the trails. I love trying new things!

Current dream job? My current dream job is to manage a non-profit that rescues and aids in the healing process of women and children who have been affected by human trafficking. 

What’s your go-to coffee order? For sure a vanilla latte!!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? I know, this may sounds cliche, but I am telling you, if you take this advice to heart, it can be life changing. {Chase your dreams. Sometimes you are the only person with that dream and if you don't make it happen, nobody else will. But here's the thing about dreams -- they will stay dreams, unless you work hard to make them happen. It will be hard somedays, but power through it. What's waiting on the other side of the hard work is something beautiful.}


College-Bound! The Girl Talk Guide to Sorority Recruitment

Hey y’all! My name is Peri, and I am one of Girl Talk’s summer interns! I am here to tell you all about navigating sorority recruitment! But first, let me introduce myself.

I am an Atlanta native, but in 2015 I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend Louisiana State University-- Geaux Tigers! I am majoring in mass communications with a focus in public relations and minoring in business administration, and let me tell you—it is SO FUN. I love being outside, reading, yoga, and basically anything active. You will never find me watching a movie in the middle of the day, it’s just not in my system. In my current season of life, I am navigating what true rest is and what it looks like for me. I’ll let you know when I figure it out! Life sure is sweet, though!

Okay, enough about me--time to talk about sorority life. The summer after graduation, everyone LOVES to talk about recruitment. All the girls gossip about who is going to be in what sorority and which sorority is the best and which is the worst. I am here to tell you that NONE of that matters.

Absolutely nothing about those conversations should deter you from joining the sorority you feel comfortable in. 

Navigating recruitment is weird and awkward! You are putting yourself out there all day every day for a week straight and that is so scary. You will be super sweaty and probably have a few bad conversations- that’s inevitable. If you fit in perfectly and have perfect conversations in every single sorority please, tell me your secret! It is NORMAL to feel more connected to certain sororities than others- that’s the point. You are trying to find your home for the next four years, not just girls to party with. 

When you’re talking to the girls in line and the girls inside the house always think to yourself, “Could I do life with this person?” or “Would this person support me through a hard time?”. When you really feel like you know the answer to those questions, it will make it so much easier to make a decision if you’re feeling torn between a few houses. I also want to encourage you to keep an open mind. Don’t listen to girls in your group or girls from your hometown. This experience is for YOU and only you! Don’t let anyone steer you in the direction they think is where you need to be. This is your decision, no one else’s. In fact, the only people I talked to about which houses I liked/didn’t like were my Young Life Leaders and my mom. Talk to people that truly have your best interests in mind. Recruitment is crazy but if you trust the process and keep an open mind, you’ll find your new home!

I know many of you are freaking out about your outfits. After being on both sides of recruitment, that seems so silly now. Each day of recruitment requires a different dress code, and the most important thing is to follow that dress code and make sure your outfit is appropriate. No one wants to see your cleavage or how good your booty looks! The active members want to know the girl behind all the makeup and smiles. Walk confidently and dress appropriately and I promise you will look FABULOUS. Comfortable shoes are also SO important. The days are long and you’re standing pretty much the entire time so make sure you don’t end up with blisters all over your feet! If you’re wearing comfy shoes you’re also less likely to trip and fall J.

Once you think you’ve found your home get ready for countless memories and bonds. All of my friends and I joke that college is for finding your bridesmaids, not your husband! Every single day you are exposed to hundreds of girls that welcome you with open arms. Depending on the size of the chapter you join you literally have anywhere from 50-500 options of who to be friends with. How fun is that?? Or maybe to you that’s super intimidating! Either way, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone every single day. 

Freshman year is such a whirlwind and while it is so important to study and do well in school, I would argue that it is just as important to be social and make friends! Starting a conversation out of thin air is hard but always remember that EVERYONE is looking to make new friends and EVERYONE feels a little awkward!