#GirlPowerMonth: Women Who Inspire Me Vol. 3!

A woman in today's world that inspires me is Oprah Winfrey. She struggled and suffered through adversity, but in the end she became a voice of influence. No one could have predicted that Oprah would have become a household name when The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted in 1986. But after a 25-year run, Oprah’s impact spread globally because of her media philosophy, philanthropy, and honesty.  She used her voice to make a change by dominating the daytime talk show competition, which opened the door for more women to grab hold of the mic and host their own shows.  Her determination and hard work throughout her career to make a positive change in the world is why she is such an inspiration to me.

Oprah’s work and livelihood has given me a desire to work in broadcasting and media. I would love to make a positive impact someday by working in that career field.

Julie is a student in high school and is on Girl Talk's National Teen Advisory Board. She hopes to empower young girls in her community. Julie loves being in Girl Talk because she is inspired by helping others and she is able to learn from successful women in today's working environment.

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