#GirlPowerMonth: Women Who Inspire Me Vol. 1!

There are many women in history who have inspired me to work hard, but one who stands out to me is Princess Diana of Wales. When people think of a princess they think of someone who sits around and gets waited on all day, but Princess Diana was far from that. The Princess worked with many charities, which changed many people’s lives. She worked with AIDS patients and supported many philanthropic campaigns. She also worked to ban landmines, which saved the lives of many people.

Princess Diana was there for many hospital openings, which helped her relate to the everyday person. She was the Princess of Wales and her husband was in line for the throne, but people felt a innocent, friendly vibe from Diana. All in all, I look up to Princess Diana because even though she had everything that she ever needed, she still found the time to help those who were less fortunate around her. 

Serena is in the tenth grade and is a member of Girl Talk's National Teen Advisory Board. She wanted to get involved with Girl Talk in order to leave a positive impact on girls in her community. 

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