Testimonial Tuesday: Gabby!

My experience with drama in middle school almost ruined my sixth, seventh and eighth grade years. Because of my experiences, I decided to become a Girl Talk Leader to prevent those things from happening to other girls.  My experience has been amazing because I get to help younger girls deal with what I went through. It makes me feel amazing helping younger ones. 

 All any middle school girl wants to do is fit in and be popular, which is why the main issues facing girls today are feeling like they aren't able to fit in, reshaping themselves to impress somebody else, and putting someone down to look "cool."

Some topics I feel are most important to discuss are telling girls their worth and how they don’t have to be the most popular to succeed. Another topic I feel is important is gossiping about one another--no matter if it’s a small thing being said about someone or big, it will definitely find a way to come back around.

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