Growing Up Being Bullied

I was in 6th grade and in a new school and found myself to be a tiny little fish in a big pond. My previous school I was well liked and had many friends. It seemed easy for me to make friends. When my parents decided to move my sister and I to a private school everything changed. I was the "cute" little mousy girl who didn't fit in with the upper class rich kids. I had only one close friend that year. We stuck together in everything. 

Each school day began the same way. Pull up and walk in with knots in my stomach because I knew that this young man, who was 2 grades above me, would block my locker and make me late for class. He had the upper locker above mine. He never failed to look at me, stand in front of both our locker's and purposely wait until the last bell rang before he allowed me to get my books. But he was just one of many that would taunt me. There were several occasions where young boys would send me letters across the classroom to "ask" me to be their girlfriend. Then I would hear the girls snickering. It was humiliating! My friend received some of that same humiliation. I never told my teachers. I didn't want to be viewed as weak! I had an inner strength that pulled me through. That same strength is ingrained in me today. Perhaps because I come from a long line of strong women in my family.

By the end of the year the same young man that taunted me and made me late for class became somewhat of a guardian. It was strange. I believe it was solely because I didn't allow my emotions to show outwardly. He became my advocate so to speak! I became the "cool" geek. Others began to lay off. I truly believe that my forgiving spirit smothered out their meanness. 

Looking back, I see how blessed I was for that quiet strength. Some are not that fortunate. Today I have a heart for reaching out to those who struggle with confidence issues. No one should have to endure bullying. Unfortunately there will always that bully in a crowd, but we should ban together to stop the bully!

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