Testimonial Tuesday: Chapters and #AntiBullyingMonth

This month being Anti-Bullying themed, my chapter leaders and I got to lead our 5th-8t h grade Girl Talk Girls in a few exercises and lessons that would help to capture the true meaning of what bullying is and it can be stopped. We chose the lesson “Gossiping” because even though this is not physical bullying, words can hurt and will stay with you forever.
We opened the meeting with donuts, tons of giggling girls, and blue nail polish! The girls all made the pinky promise not be a bully and to stand up for others when they see bullying happen. Afterwards, we split the group in half and discussed the topic of gossiping and how words can hurt.
To there surprise, many of them had gossiped about someone because they heard others gossiping about them.
In two weeks we will continue our bullying talk by signing the bullying pledge and posting them in the middle school building! So proud of my girls and my leaders and I love being a part of those amazing organization and seeing it change so many lives.

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