How to Cope with Bullying

Truth is, we have all been guilty of being judgmental before getting to know someone at some point in our lives. Here's a story about a 21 year old girl name Stephanie, who overcame bullying.

"Growing up, I was pretty shy and reserved. It was not a bad thing but I think a lot of people made assumptions about me because I was quiet. I was either "stuck up" or "too good for some people," according my peers. I vividly remember that time when I was first confronted in the seventh grade. "Why are you so stuck up?" said a classmate. Baffled and shocked, I started to question myself. What is wrong with me? Am I giving off the wrong impression? 

Then I thought to myself that I was being ridiculous and I do not need to change myself for anyone. I realized that unless it is a family member, a true friend, or someone that wants me to progress in life- no one else’s opinion should matter. After I changed my mindset, I felt stronger and in control of my life because I didn’t care what people thought about me anymore. I learned not to let other people bring me down. At the end of the day, I am my own person and I control how I handle every situation.

Remember, only YOU are in control of your life! Don't let anyone bring you down. There will always be people who don’t agree with you; your opinions, style, characteristics, personality. The important thing is that you keep doing you. Be happy and live your life."

We hope that Stephanie's story will encourage you to be strong and think twice before judging others! We should all be kind to one another and treat people how we would want to be treated.

October is National Anti-bullying month. If you know someone that is being bullied online or in person, please do not become a bystander. Take a stand against bullies. Join the Mean Stinks campaign and paint your pinky nail blue in honor of National Anti-bulling month.

Do you have a story like Stephanie's? 

Please share with us!

Watch this inspiring video and think before you speak! You never know how much it can affect a person.

With love, 
Girl Talk

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