Taking Off the Tiara

If we're going to be completely honest, every girl has at least a little bit of "drama queen" in her. It's normal to like getting attention from friends and family, and we are all deserving of that positive love and attention. Sometimes when us girls do not receive this attention we desire, we try some crazy things in hopes of being heard.

Here's a story from a girl named Melissa, who used to make dramatic efforts to receive the attention she was not being given. We hope that Melissa's story will encourage girls to tame the drama queen in them and instead seek to maintain the peace in their lives.

"My name is Melissa and I used to be a Drama Queen. When I was in middle school I possessed a strong desire for attention, and when I didn't get that attention, I got upset. I felt important and loved only when I was the center of attention and the person everyone wanted to be like.

One time in 7th grade, David, the cutest boy in class chose to sit next to another girl instead of me. For the first two weeks of class, David had always sat next to me. I watched David take the seat next to Samantha, and once I realized he was not going to move, I exploded in a chorus of fake tears. Despite the teacher's efforts to calm me down, I rose out of my seat and walked over to where Samantha was sitting. Samantha looked up at me with so much fear on her face, but I didn't care. I wiped the tears off my cheeks and simply said to her, "Don't get too excited, I'm sure David will figure out that I'm better than you and tomorrow he will choose to sit next to me again." Samantha just stared at me, and I walked away with a look of satisfaction.

But that's not what happened. The next day, David sat down beside Samantha again. My dramatic response to Samantha taking my place led to more dramatic actions. The thought of losing the attention I was used to consumed me and I started doing anything I could to get attention, even if that meant negative attention. I lost some good friends because I had turned into a girl that couldn't stand having her friends being more liked than her. I ruined any chance of any true friendships, and I was sure David would never like me again. I mean, I was crazy, why would he?

Thankfully, before the school year ended, I realized how awful of a person I had become, and I changed. I made amends with my friends, and I even wrote my teacher a letter asking her forgiveness. I started treating people with kindness and seeing things from their perspective rather than just focusing on my wants.

Looking back on my 7th grade year of middle school, I am reminded of how grateful I am that I finally realized that being the center of attention is not always the best place to be... it's a lonely place to be. I encourage all the Drama Queens out there to really think about the consequences of their actions, and to figure out what kind of attention they really want. Once I realized that all the attention I was getting was negative, I was able to make the changes necessary for my to truly be happy."

We hope Melissa's transformation from Drama Queen to Peacemaker inspires all you girls to get rid of the drama in your life and instead strive for peace!

Do you have a story similar to Melissa's? Please share it with us!

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With love <3
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