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It is national self esteem month and everyone needs a little bit of inspiration and motivation to boost that self esteem. Ted Talks can be such an inspirational outlet with so many talented motivational speakers. 

Bullying is such a common denominator in the equation of going to school. Everyone has been a victim of bullying even if it was not some traumatic experience, as minuscule as not being invited to something to as big as verbally bullying someone. We all view and react to situations differently and everyone is effected differently. 

In this Ted Talks video Lizzie Velasquez shows us how bullying can affect you mentally and the impact it has on your own life. She tells you how she overcame bullying and used that as motivation to push through life and used her bullying experience a fuel to her fire to become someone so inspirational. 

Lizzie ask the question "what defines you?" Watch the video below and and don't forget to ask yourself, "what defines you?"

With love,
Girl Talk

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