Embarrassing Moments--Meant to Shape, Not Shame

We’re not even going to ask if you've ever had the most awful, embarrassing moment—Girl Talk knows all us girls have those kinds of moments sometimes. Fortunately, these moments have the potential to shape us into better individuals, into girls that know how to shake off the blushed cheeks and wide eyes, and stand tall again.

Here’s a story from a girl living in Atlanta named Caitlin. We hope her words will serve as encouragement when you experience an embarrassing moment in your life!

“My most embarrassing moment happened a few years ago when I was playing soccer.

I was on defense and the opposing team was charging our goal, ready to take the first opportunity to slam the ball into a corner of the net. I thought to myself, "I got this". I ran straight at the ball, prepared to block an oncoming shot. To my surprise, my opponent made her shot sooner than I expected, and in a last ditch effort to defend my goal, I stuck my foot out as far as I could. The ball rebounded off my foot with a loud snap, and instead of soaring just wide of the goal post, the ball squeezed inside the net. Goal. I quickly realized, along with my fellow teammates, that if the ball had not hit my foot, my opponent would have missed the goal and failed to score. My face immediately went bright red, and I turned to my friends with a face full of apology. Fortunately, my teammates were very nice girls and didn't make me feel totally horrible about my foot fiasco, but inside I was super humiliated. I was the girl who had scored on herself. 

Of course, I could have fed these thoughts of embarrassment flooding through my mind with more thoughts of failure and insecurity. But I didn't. I took my embarrassment and changed it into something good, something useful. Instead of having a temper tantrum of frustration inside my head, I reminded myself that I am allowed to make mistakes. I went out on the field again and played like I always play, except now I was a stronger player because I knew if I embarrassed myself again, I could rise from it.”

Embarrassing moments threaten to stomp on us and keep us from reaching our full potential. But, when we respond to mistakes properly, our embarrassment can be a tool for molding us into beautiful, confident women who know they can face humiliation and take it in stride. 

How do you deal with the embarrassing moments in your life? 

Do you have a story you could share with us? We'd love to hear from you!

With love,
Girl Talk

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