The Magic of Reaching Out to Others

Girl Talk values giving back to the community and taking advantage of opportunities to serve the people in your life. Seeing a group of people come together to build a house for a poor family, or to minister to the residents of a nursing home are always heart-warming stories.These acts of service are what keep this world going! These acts of service can also work magic in the life of the servant.

Often times when we catch ourselves feeling down, or upset about something in our life, it is because we are so focused on that one situation that we lose perspective of the big picture. Here's a story about a young woman named Christine from Atlanta, Georgia that shows how reaching out to others can transform your life.

"When my boyfriend broke up with me, I was devastated. I was so upset about losing him that it was hard to enjoy going to school and being with my friends. I felt so alone and unloved.

Just a couple weeks after the break-up, I had planned to go on a mission trip to Mexico. I was dreading the trip because I didn't want to have to deal with traveling and being in an unfamiliar country when I already felt so lost. I thought my experience in Mexico would make things so much worse, and I thought about backing out of the trip. Looking back on it now, I am so glad I decided to go to Mexico.

While there, my thoughts of my ex-boyfriend grew so small as I witnessed the poverty of Mexico and how the people lived their lives there. My team and I built a house from the ground up for a newly married couple, and the feeling once we completed it was so rewarding. Every day I worked, as our work on the house progressed, I could feel my spirit getting lighter and lighter--I was happy again. I no longer felt like I wasn't loved and I knew I had a purpose in life again.

I needed Mexico more than Mexico needed me."

This story rings true to the fact that helping others is a magical process. The act of humbling yourself and forgetting about the troubles in your life results in a feeling of happiness and confidence that is not easily shaken.

Whenever you feel down about yourself, and think you don't matter, remember that you are always capable of helping others--and that is extremely valuable.

Do you have a story about a community service project or trip that changed your life?

What's something that you could do for your community? Please share with us!

***Self Esteem is important--at the end of this post we've provided a link to a fun quiz to help you see what level self-esteem you have. Happy Quiz Taking!***

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