#BeGreenMonth: Upcycling Soda Cans & Bottles!

What's one thing that teenagers will always like? Soda. Soda bottles and cans easily pile up trash cans. To put a little ease on your trash bins, check out these fun and easy crafts that transform those cans and bottles to jewelry & more!

1. Pop-tab Bracelet
So get this, people sell these for, like, $13. I mean, yeah, you need a lot of pop-tabs, but I'm sure collecting this much won't be a problem! Here are the instructions!

If that seems a little overwhelming, I made this really simple version (which I wear with the braided t-shirt bracelet!). Click here to learn how!

2. Soda Can Jewelry Bracelets, Earrings, and Necklaces
How fun are these?! These are so creative and would be so fun to make! I really love how Inspired by Pinterest explains these crafts, especially because she does it with her daughter! This is definitely something fun for moms and daughters to do, for sure!

3. Soda Bottle Vase

I love these. Why? Because they are super easy and they don't take that much time. All you need is some yarn, a bottle, and a hot glue gun. Starting at the bottom, take the hot glue gun and make a small trail. Along the glue trail, place the yarn on the bottle. Do that however far up you want! I covered mine about halfway because I liked the way the bottle's color went with my yarn. To give a little something extra, I put the t-shirt roses on the side! Super easy!


What is your favorite craft? Show us what your creations here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! 

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