#BeGreenMonth: Frame Transformation!

Digital downloads, Spotify, online radio, are all great  technological innovations, but it leaves us with CDs that are just collecting dust and getting scratched. So, what do we do? Use them to make an awesome picture frame, duh!  These is another super easy upcycling craft that will totally take your picture frames from blah to ta-da!!

The materials you need for this craft are as followed: an old picture frame, a few CDs (the number of CDs depends on the size of your frame), scissors, a plastic bag, and a hot glue gun!

Step 1: Cut your CD up into different shapes that will fit nicely together. I realized after I did this craft, that a it is super messy. I'd advise putting the CD into a plastic bag and breaking/cutting through that. Using the plastic bag will catch all of the CD particles and make it easier to clean up.

Step 2: Grab your hot glue gun and glue your CD shapes to your frame.

Step 3: And you're done! If you want, you can put felt paint in between the cracks to give it a cleaner look. But it is totally up to you!
Cute, right? Try it out and share yours with us! We'd love to see your creativity! This is great to for moms & daughters, Chapters, and BFFs to do at a sleepover! Happy crafting!

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