#GirlPowerMonth: Women Who Inspire Me Vol. 4!

Now, there are many influential women throughout history, but the one that has most inspired me is Queen Elizabeth I. In a time of patriarchy, religious revolutions, and political unrest, Queen Elizabeth not only united her kingdom, but also ushered in a Golden Age for Britain. During that time, it was very unlikely for a woman to be a strong leader--especially if she was born from a scandalous marriage, but Queen Elizabeth had the courage and intelligence to secure political power and become one of the most popular monarchs in English history.

Though her rule was during the gruesome years of the Protestant Reformation, she promoted religious tolerance and peace among her subjects. With political tension from France, Ireland, and Spain, Elizabeth kept her country strong and powerful by standing up to foreign threats and encouraging nationalism. She is credited as one of England’s greatest war victories against the famous, fearsome Spanish Armada. She herself rode out into battle against the Spaniards to fight alongside her men.

Queen Elizabeth always put duty and the needs of her people before herself. Despite discrimination, she managed to uphold  her beliefs and governing techniques. She avoided the pressure from her council to marry and ruled completely on her own. She claimed that she was married to her country and people.  For this reason, she is now known as the Virgin Queen.

She was a great leader because she was brave, tolerant, charismatic, confident, and strong, and that is why I admire her so much.  But women of history aren't the only ones who inspire me, I am also inspired by many women today.

A woman of today who inspires me is Malala Yousafzai. I believe she is the bravest person in this modern era, and she is only sixteen years old! At age 11, she began a blog for the BBC describing her life under Taliban rule and promoting women’s rights and education in the Middle East.  The New York Times even filmed a documentary about her life and her views! After the documentary aired, the activist Desmond Tut

In 2012, upon entering a bus, Yousafzai was shot three times by an assassin trying to silence her for promoting education for women. Pakistan and its Islamic community were intent on keeping her alive, despite the Taliban continued to try to kill her and her father. However, the attempt on her life inspired international support for Yousafzai. She started promoting education for all children worldwide. She won the first Pakistani National Youth Peace Prize and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Although she did not receive it, she was the youngest woman ever to be nominated. 
u nominated her for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

Yousafzai continues to promote her message for universal education, despite all of the danger. Young, smart, incredibly brave, and strong, this woman and her cause truly inspire me.

The fact that there are still so many problems in the world today inspires me to be a leader. My goal as a leader is to make long-lasting, positive change, just as Queen Elizabeth and Malala Yousafzai have done. The desire to eliminate disease, war, poverty, hunger, and many other issues we face makes me want to help those in need and promote love and peace.

Katie is a senior in high school. She has been involved with Girl Talk since she was in middle school and is now a Girl Talk Leader! She also the president of Girl Talk's National Teen Advisory Board. Katie became involved with Girl Talk in order to inspire women of all ages.

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