#BeAFriendMonth: How to be a Good Friend!

Rule 1: Be Trustworthy

            You can always trust a real friend.  They will not make promises they cannot keep and they will always be up front and honest with you. You can depend on them to have your back, even when you have made a big mistake or are in a horrible mood. They are consistent and you can trust them to always be there for you.

Rule 2: Be Able to Apologize and to Forgive
            An important element in friendship is being able to say you are sorry. Take responsibility for your mistake that has hurt your friend. Do not try to blame it on someone else. This shows that you are mature and are respectful towards your friend. Even though he or she might be angry for a while, your friend understands that you are not perfect. Also, a true friend will forgive you if you are genuinely sorry. Holding grudges, making someone feel guilty, and letting your bitterness build up are not something a friend should do. If you are angry with your friend, talk it out with them, hear their side, and once you have worked it out, let it go.

Rule 3: Be Honest
            Honesty is always the best policy: this is especially true with friendship. If you are honest with your friend, it will open up communication and make it so your friend feels like he or she can be honest with you. If something is upsetting you, be honest, a true friend will hear you out.

Rule 4: Be Respectful
            Good friends respect each other’s beliefs and values. To be a good friend, you have to make it so your friend feels as if he or she can express their opinions openly with you, without being judged. If there is a disagreement between you two, agree to disagree and move on. Always hear them out. If your friend needs time alone, be respectful enough not to pry and give him or her space.

Rule 5: Accept Your Friend for Who He or She is

            This is the most important rule to be a good friend! Friendship is all about having someone who shares in your mutually weirdness. Even if he or she is different from you, you should appreciate their personal perspective and experiences. To be a friend means to care deeply for someone, despite his or her flaw.

Katie is a senior in high school and is a Girl Talk Leader in her community. She is also the president of the Girl Talk's National Teen Advisory Board. Through Girl Talk, she hopes to impact women worldwide.

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