Girl Talk Spotlight: Kendall Jackson!

Today we spotlight on Girl Talk alumnus, Kendall Jackson! She started off her involvement with Girl Talk at Project Inside Out as a Camp Counselor and then became a Leader in her school's Chapter! In 2012, she the first high school junior who was awarded with National Girl Talk Leader of the Year (which is usually given to high school seniors). While she was a Girl Talk Leader, Kendall also served on Girl Talk's National Teen Advisory Board. We recently got a chance to sit down with her to see what she has been up to since graduating from high school.

    What are you currently doing (i.e. student studying?, intern at?, etc.)

I am currently a busy college freshman at Harvard! I intend to concentrate in Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy, with the intent to go to medical school after I graduate. Right now, I am busy getting involved with extracurricular activities and classes on campus, getting to know my way around school without getting lost, and making new friends! 

    What are you doing now to continue to inspire girls?

Since coming to campus, I have joined a peer-mentoring program founded on Harvard's campus and reaching girls in Boston, Pittsburgh, and Miami. The program, Strong Women Strong Girls, connects college-age mentors with elementary girls in third through fifth grade. Through weekly mentoring sessions, we "utilize the lessons learned from strong women throughout history to encourage girls and young women to become strong women themselves" ( As always, I hope to inspire girls by leading by example and doing my best! 

    What has Girl Talk done for you?

Girl Talk was my most meaningful activity in high school and is very special to me. At my first camp five years ago, I was incredibly nervous to be a Counselor, and five years later, I was helping to run the camp by serving as Lead Counselor! I learned to lead that first week and every week since as my confidence, communication skills, and passion for helping others have developed. As the girls celebrate each other’s unique gifts, I feel the impact of being involved in shaping their lives. Most importantly, I have met lifelong friends and gained a loving and accepting community that I can always return to!  

    What does Girl Talk mean to you?

Girl Talk means contributing to an organization whose mission is to empower and build genuine, courageous, and confident young women. It means helping to foster a culture of acceptance and friendship to encourage girls to change our larger society. It means building meaningful relationships with middle school girls to encourage and support them. It means cultivating a strong community of great friends, mentors, and role models who will always be there to support you. 

    What are some goals you're currently working towards? 

I am currently working toward goals on many fronts. As a new college student, I am adjusting to dorm and college life and I am meeting so many diverse and interesting people! With regards to academics and extracurricular activities, I am working to put my best foot forward and try new things. With everything, I strive to continuously expand my comfort zone rather than simply step out of it - something I learned from a Girl Talk speaker! 

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