#BeAFriendMonth: Friendship Qualities

I believe that friendships are so important and it is one of those things that I value most in my life. Without my friends, I would not be the person who I am today. They are the people who I can call when I have a bad day and I know that they will always have their doors open for me. They offer me advice, kindness, love. Most of all, we have a great time when we are together. There are several qualities that I look for in a friend.

Support: Knowing that I have someone to count on is important. I would love to have friends that will support me 100% and lend me a helping hand when I need it.  During rough times, nothing is better than having a friend to lean on and give you comfort.

Honesty: Honesty and trust are also very important in quality friendships. Be honest with your friends and you both will have a very trusting bond. Don't betray her trust by telling out secrets that were only kept between the two of you. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends how you feel. She will appreciate your honesty!

Sense of Humor: Being friends is no fun when you can’t laugh together. It's great whenever my friends and I can share a good joke, laugh at each other, and have a blast whenever we hang out. After all, friendship is just all about having fun!

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