#BeAMentorMonth: Who is Your Mentor? Vol. 4!

Serena believes that your mentor can be your parent!
(From L to R: Serena and her mother)
It is important to have a mentor for many reasons, but most of all, a mentor is someone you look to at a time of trouble. Someone is your mentor because you believe in what he or she has accomplished and his or her way of going through life. So it is natural to try to think of what your mentor would do in times of stress. It is important to have a mentor, so that you have someone to look up too. It is impossible to know the right thing to do in a situation all the time, especially as a teenager. That is why it is important for teenage girls to have a mentor to look up to and lead the way for them.

The person I look up to and consider to be my mentor is my mother. It sounds cliché, but when I need help with something I always look up to her. Balancing school, sports, friends, and extracurricular activities can be very stressful at times, but thinking about how my mom has accomplished so much helps me get through it. She is always there for advice and constructive criticism.

Having a person to help you and guide you is the reason why everyone should have a mentor.  It would be hard to accomplish much without one! 

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