Chapter Shoutout: Simpson Girl Talk!

Breathing is absolutely essential if we want to go about our daily lives, no doubt! It is also what can help in times of stress and anxiety. See, any negative stress can cause one's reptilian brain (home of our sense of territory and the “flight or fight” response to danger) to dominate during moments of adversity instead of the cortical brain (the highest part of the brain which allows for complex thinking, reasoning, and logic).The higher brain is only accessible during moments of tranquility. It's scientifically proven that learning under high stress can hurt one's learning ability and memory. Not only that, but its easier to have fun when one is relaxed and worry-free. That's why the Simpson Girl Talk Chapter Leadership decided to implement breathing exercises as a part of the daily meeting routine. Its a great way to start-off meetings, as it allows for a clear mind. Of course, we want the girls to be aware and attentive during discussions so that the meetings can be productive, but we also want to create a cheerful and light-hearted atmosphere. We can also transition smoothly in our schedule and remain within out time limit.

Simpson Girl Talk Girls are excited to learn about breaking techniques!
Breathing exercises are quick and easy tools that aid in many aspects, not just to simplify Girl Talk meetings. Anyone can use these techniques- anytime and anywhere. We explain the concept to the girls often, letting them know they can use them on their own when they feel pressured or under stress. Many exercises and strategies can be found on the internet and in books. However, here is a simple exercise that can start things off:

1.     Inhale through the nose for six seconds.

 Do not expand the chest, use the tummy like a balloon to hold in air.

2.     Pause for two seconds.

      From our research, feeling out of breath when just starting out is perfectly normal, so it’s ok to hold off on this part for now and add it when one feels comfortable enough to do so.

3.     Exhale through the mouth for six seconds.

The goal is to exhale slowly and evenly for six full seconds

Hopefully this will enhance everyone’s meetings and benefit the girls beyond the classroom. We all could use a reminder to relax and breathe every once in a while!  

Best wishes,  
             The Simpson Girl Talk Leaders

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