Testimonial Tuesday: Julie Bernard

My experience with Girl Talk has been great! I love talking to the younger girls about anything, including what is going on in both our lives. Even though I give the girls advice, there have been times when they have actually helped me!

The reason why I help others is because it gives me a strong sense of appreciation that I have helped someone get over an obstacle or just help someone talk through a situation. I love the feeling that the girls come into the meeting with a sense of comfort and urgency to tell me how their day was.

A major issue I feel girls face today is bullying.  It can vary from verbal to physical ,which becomes very emotional to all girls. Other issues, as always, are boys and family issues. I feel strongly about all the issues they play a huge factor on self-esteem. I want all girls to be able to feel confident about who they are and never be afraid to be who they are. Embrace what you are given and try to be the best version of yourself!

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