No Drama Wednesday: Standing Up to My Bully

Anti-Bullying Month is all about standing up to your bully and being heard.  There are three different types of bullying: physical, verbal, and mental.  All can happen in person, over the Internet, or the phone. 

Recently, I was bullied over Instagram, and it really hurt.  It hurt so badly, that I wanted to delete my account.  Then, I realized that I wasn't going to let this bully ruin my fun.  She posted a very mean comment on one of my pictures, but instead of giving her control, I responded back very nicely.  I told her I didn't want any drama, but I also let her know that I wasn't going to tolerate her mean comments.  By responding in a nice way, instead of a rude one, my bully's response changed.  Not reacting in a bad way can cause your bully to think twice about their actions.

So, whenever you're being bullied, try to kill your bully with kindness.  It worked for me and I am very thankful I took this route!

And remember, that no matter what anyone says about you, it is their opinion and not true. You are you and you should be proud of who you are!

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