#NoDramaWednesday: No Longer Being the Bystander

When I was in middle school, specifically sixth grade, the girls in our grade were bullying a girl who had come to our school in the middle of the year. The girls would call her weird behind her back and exclude her from parties and sleepovers. Trying to fit in, I just ignored how mean the girls were. I chose the easy road and didn’t do anything to help the new girl. However, one day I was partnered up with the new girl on a project. At first I was hesitant, but then we got to talking and I found out that we had a lot in common. Soon we became really good friends. But still, the other girls would make fun of her. One day they were gossiping about her in front of me, but this time I spoke up. I told them I thought she was a great person and that they shouldn’t judge her because they didn’t know her. They immediately went shamefully silent, and I just walked away. To this day that quiet new girl and I are best friends. Never judge someone by what other people say. Get to know someone and make your own impressions. Who knows? They could become your best friend!

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