Testimonial Tuesday: Kendall!

Kendall (L) with her older sister Ryann (R)
I would love to be Haley Kilpatrick.  She is strong, a great mentor, and she created something that can't be destroyed.  She can't be forgotten. Her smile and humor is unforgettable.  She shows unconditional love to anyone who crosses her path.

Haley had a seminar at Kennesaw State University and I went to it.  When I was sitting and listening, I was thinking how wise she was.  Haley wrote a book called The Drama Years, and my mom bought it for me.  I was able to get it signed by Haley and the first thing she said to me was, "Girl, you are the bomb dot com!"

I went to her camp this summer and on the first day, Haley said to us, "Now you guys are caterpillars, but by Friday you will be butterflies." She was right!

Haley is strong.  She is not strong on the outside, but strong on the inside. Haley was bullied throughout middle school, but because of the strong mind and heart she had, she did not let the bullies overcome her life.  That didn't mean that their words didn't hurt, but she brushed it off her shoulders and moved on.  She grew up to be something amazing.

Haley is a mentor for girls all over.  She relates to the real life problems girls have. She is there for girls who need to talk. She shows you the right path to guide your life in.  She teaches me what unconditional love is.  To me, that is the most valuable lesson anyone could teach.

Haley created Girl Talk, Inc. and it won't ever be destroyed.  It is where sisterhoods are created.  And she created it when she was only 15!  Girl Talk has been going strong for 10 years.  It is a national and they have camps every summer to promote Girl Talk. That is why if I could be anyone, I could be Haley Kilpatrick.


  1. Kendall is going to be so excited to see this - Thank-you for posting it.. I can not tell you how much Girl Talk has help both my girls grow!
    Andie Lipcon
    Mom of Kendall & Ryann Lipcon

    1. Hi Andie!

      We HAD to post it! It was so good! She should be so proud of it!


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