Welcome Back!

Hello again, world! There have been some MAJOR changes at Girl Talk: from new team members to new partnerships (waddup, Thirty-One?!) to many new Chapters! Through all of these inspiring changes, we had to put our focus on them and put the blog on the back burner (sorry!!) But now we're back and ready to party! 

"But wait a second," you may ask, "how am I supposed to know that the blog's disappearance won't happen again?" Well, thoughtful reader, you are reading the words from the NEW Social Media Coordinator! How awesome is that!? Here are some deets about me: my name is Anne Cheek and I'm a senior at Georgia State University (Go Panthers!). Some things I love are running, puppies, sweets, Disney, and Girl Talk (duh!). Some things I don't love are spiders, mushrooms, and bullies. Think we're going to get along?  Good, I think so, too! 
That's me in the middle with some other members of the Girl Talk Team: Danae and Billi Jo <3
So why a blog? We at Girl Talk wanted to create a place for you to see what all of Girl Talk (Chapters, Girl Talk Girls, and Girl Talk itself) is currently up to!  With sites like Facebook and Twitter, there is a certain word count, so things have to be cut out.  But that won't happen here!  You will see posts from Facebook and Twitter better explained with more details and more pictures, yay!

I really want you to get involved with this.  I love seeing/hearing Facebook and Twitter updates, but it'd be a-m-a-zing if you guys were to submit posts, Girl Talk moments,what's going on in your Chapters, and/or an inspirational moment!  So while I'll be monitoring the blog, you will be giving us the content! From time to time, we will be sharing stuff that is going on at the headquarters.  But for the most part, this blog is for you, about you, by you.  Sound like a plan?  GREAT! You can easily submit stories through messaging us on our Facebook, through our Twitter, here, or through my email

I look forward to hearing your stories!!

Excited & Inspired,

Anne Cheek

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