New Series: "Everyday Inspirations!"

Good morning, World!

How are you doing? I hope you are all doing well! <3 The Girl Talk Team and I decided to start a new series called, "Everuday Inspirations." So, what is this series all about? Simple! It is so easy to get caught up in the rut of day to day tasks, but then someone gives you a compliment, does an act of kindess to you or someone else, or stands up for something/someone, and it changes your whole mood! Suddenly, you want to get all Sound of Music and run through the hills while singing and dancing...
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Ok...maybe that's just me! Anyway, my point is that experiencing those kind of things makes us feel good, happy, in other words: inspired.

It can be easy to forget these moments, but we want to celebrate them like they should be by writing about them. Every Monday, you will hear from me, other members of the Girl Talk Team, or anyone else who sends me a post! Yes, anyone includes YOU! If you have an inspiring story you want to share, just send me an email at with "Everyday Inspirations: YOUR NAME."  I'll take care of the actual posting :) I can't wait to read about your inspirations!!

Now, doesn't this make Monday a day to look forward to? ;)

Excited & Inspired,

Anne <3



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