April: Alcohol Awareness Month & National Volunteer Month

Check out these Girl Talk Chapters getting involved in their communities in the spirit of National Volunteer Month. A huge part of Girl Talk's mission is giving back through community service, these Chapters are truly embracing our mission in creative ways. We love it!

Baltimore, Maryland:

Check out the video below from our Baltimore Community Chapter. They volunteer regularly to plant trees and help create a more beautiful Baltimore Community. These girls rock! 

Atlanta, Georgia:

Our Girl Talk Chapter at the Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta, Georgia created a club wide recycling initiative. They created awesome recycling bins and posters to let kids know what can be recycled. We love that that are inspiring their club to "Go Green"! 

What is Girl Talk Gives Back? Girl Talk Gives Back is a way for you to help your community and help Girl Talk by getting your community service hours sponsored. Girl Talk is 100% free for all of our Chapters, so if Chapters and supporters feel inspired to give back to Girl Talk, they can do so through this initiative. 

To get started and learn more about Girl Talk Gives Back, simply register and follow the directions on the website.

We are so proud of our Girl Talk Leaders & Advisors who give back through their community through Girl Talk every day. How will you give back to your community this month and beyond? Let us know! 

Alcohol Awareness Month

April is "Alcohol Awareness Month" and this month we encourage our Girl Talk Chapters to use the "Choices & Consequences of Underage Drinking" Lesson and also share some of the below statistics with their Chapters to encourage them to make healthy choices. 

The Scary Truth:
  • 3.6 million 12-17 year old girls reported consuming alcohol in the past year  (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2010). 
  • Research shows that about 39% of 9th grade girls (about 14 years old) report drinking in the past month.
  • Even more alarming is the fact that about 21% of these same young girls report having had five or more drinks on a single occasion during the previous month. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2005).
  • 16% of 13-15 year old girls say they drink with friends, only 5% of their mothers think their daughters are drinking (The Century Council and Teenage Research Unlimited, 2005)
  • Girls and boys ages 12-17 equally report being a current drinker (at least one drink in the past month); 14.3% of girls ages 12-17 report drinking at least once in the past month. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2010). 
  • Because of lower average weight and other factors, females of all ages tend to be more susceptible to alcohol poisoning and can reach life-threatening levels of intoxication faster than males of the same age. Females have less body water than males. Therefore, if a female and a male of the same size and weight drink the same amount of alcohol, the female will tend to have a HIGHER concentration of alcohol in her blood. 

*For more facts and resources on underage drinking visit:

This Month, consider visiting and taking the pledge against underage drinking and join the "Ask, Listen, Learn Team"!  This isn't just for girls, this to anyone who truly wants to take the pledge to live a healthy lifestyle! To check out other Girl Talk Leaders and Girls who have joined the team and pledged to make good choices (click on the link below) we are so proud!-

Comment and tell us what inspires you to make healthy choices, we want to hear from you!

We hope you choose to participate in these amazing April initiatives! 

Truly Inspired,
The Girl Talk Team

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  1. Its April again, it’s time to celebrate alcohol awareness month! I’m glad that there are young girls like you who generously share your time and knowledge to people about the consequences of alcoholism. Keep up the good work; you are encouraging the people to become advocates of good health.

    Owen Lowe