From Haley's Desk: U(and)derage Drinking 21 (GIVEAWAY!)

How do I make this topic cool? Something you will want to read and not roll your eyes…thinking "yeah, yeah…I’ve heard this all before". I can give you A LOT of scary statistics, pictures of car accidents, videos of people who have lost loved ones because someone made one bad choice…(yep, just one bad choice), but will any of these things really stick? Will they really make you think twice before drinking in front of your friends or binging to escape? For most of you, probably not. So what’s a girl like me to do to get through to you?

Why should you care? I don’t know…maybe because approximately 8.5 million 12-20 year old girls consumed alcohol this past school year?! Oh wait...that’s one of those boring statics right? I take it back. Why should you "say no"? Ask yourself if you or someone you know has been affected by either the choices and/or consequences of underage drinking? Chances are your answer is yes. If so, what would you think if I told you some of the best organizations have been inspired through sad or bad things that happen to you or those you love? Sometimes the most difficult things we go through in life can lead you to be a part of or start something that helps others.

In case you can’t tell, I’m passionate about girls and underage drinking- and how one wrong choice can infinitely impact their futures. So much so that it was one of the original lessons in the Girl Talk Curriculum, and for the past six years at Girl Talk, we’ve dedicated our time and resources throughout the month of April to getting girls excited about National Alcohol Awareness Month. Did you know that when someone is passionate about a specific issue, there is usually a good reason why? Well, there are many personal reasons why I choose to take a stand against underage drinking, but most of us have a personal reason to be passionate about this issue right? Let me know if you’d like more details about my "why" and I will be happy to share. More importantly, I am so grateful that I get to use my voice raise awareness on issues that have become increasingly more important to me through my job at Girl Talk!

I want you to think twice before making one bad decision that could impact the rest of your life before you are of legal age (can you find the "U 21" reference in that sentence? ). Even better? I challenge U to take the pledge to not participate in underage drinking! If U are one of the 8.5 million girls who did consume alcohol underage this school year, give yourself a 2nd chance, (a fresh start) and set a goal to inspire 1 other person to do the same. You two can be accountability partners- like Jay-Z and Beyonce, like SpongeBob and Patrick, like Taylor Swift and Abigail catch my drift? You picking up what I am putting down? Score!

If you are still reading, I am genuinely grateful! As an added incentive for U 2 be the 1 person to say "no" (aka I love myself enough not to put my life or anyone else’s life in danger by drinking underage), I ask that you take it a step further and click here to take this pledge as a commitment to yourself. If you choose to take this admirable step and like incentives, please send me a Facebook message ( with U21 + your mailing address so I can send you a special surprise. Feel free add anything to the message about why you have made this decision/why it is important to you, or even if you taking this pledge represents you giving yourself a second chance to choose your future over drinking underage.

I continue to hope and believe that together, we can make a difference and that each year more of you will choose to be that girl that other girls can look up to, and ultimately that 8.5 million girls number will continue to decrease…big time. Will you join me?
I’d like to conclude with one if my favorite quotes in hopes that it gives you the courage to be that somebody who chooses to do something about it.

"I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I am that somebody."

 Dream big,

Girl Talk Founder & CEO


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