Everyday Inspirations: Running Into Hope

Hey Inspiring Folks!

Who's excited for the first edition of "Everyday Inspirations"?! Today, I'm sharing with you guys an inspiring moment that happened in my life recently. I hope you all enjoy it!

For starters, I love running and competing in races! Running always helps me relieve stress, organize my mind, and it's great exercise! I ran my second half marathon at the happiest place on Earth aka Disney World!! That's right, I ran in the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon! I didn't perform my best, but it was still the most fun I ever had while running 13.1 miles!

Yes, that's me jumping and high-fiving Goofy at the Finish Line!
Even before the race, my knee had been bothering me a little bit, but I didn't think it was anything serious and not to mention, I was not going to forfeit Disney World! I did my best to ice it, but the race definitely made my knee worse. A week after the race, I decided to take a break from running. It really broke my heart, but I knew that I it'd be better to take a temporary break from running rather than being forced to take a permanent one later on down the road.

That was in March and now it's the middle of April, and I still can't run too much. I was telling this to one of my friends at church who is also a runner.  The next day, I received a Facebook message from her filled with encouragement and positivity. It made me feel so loved and, of course, inspired!

It really inspired me to never forget to provide kind words to others because it really could make someone's day!

Excited & Inspired,


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