#BeAFriendMonth: Acceptance

I think being a good friend has one key factor: being there for them when they need you the most. Knowing you can depend on them for anything from losing a family member to helping them solve a problem. Everyone needs someone and everyone needs to know they have someone to talk to and experience all situations in both of their lives. It might just be me, but I think friends are the people you are close with--family or not--to talk about a great day or a bad day. 

Another quality I think is in a good friend is accepting the friend for who they are entirely. A true friend wants to hang out with you, regardless of your issues, flaws, or the label others put on you.  Friends care more about who you are as a person not who others want you to be. They are not really your friends if they don't like you for yourself. Friends come and go but I think a good friend is there for you through thick & thin and accept you for all your qualities.

Julie is a high school student who wants to work with girls that can empower her as well as learn about others and see how successful women are in today’s working environment.

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