#BeAMentorMonth: Who is Your Mentor? Vol. 3!

My mentor is someone who is always willing to listen to me no matter what

(L to R): Lauren's mother and mentor with Lauren!
 I have to say, she is my mom. I would say my mom is a good mentor because not only is she accepting of who I am, she also leads by example. Whether it is how she was as a strong business women, thoughtful mother, or a determined person.

She is always showing me how to be a better person which makes me want to be a better person. That's what I think a good mentor does--not only should he or she be there to help you but also she should be able to take his or her own advice. A mentor though is not always perfect because without mistakes he or she won't be able to improve. A mentor leads by example without trying to be someone he or she isn't.  This kind of mentality does not get anyone far in life.

I learn a lot from my mom, whether it's good or bad, but that's why she is a good mentor because she can admit to her mistakes and move on from them. She is also there for me through the difficult times, always has my best interest at heart, and does everything she can to help me get to the goals that I set. I don't know if I would be able to accomplish what I have without my mentor!

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