Be Inspiring Month: Finding Leadership

 My favorite community service activity is something that I partake in weekly. Since 2011, I have taught a 5th grade Sunday School Class at my church. I am responsible for a total of 22 students, who are put under my wing for a year of religious growth in The Lord. I follow a curriculum and incorporate creative ideas to guide them through their individual spiritual journey.

 My favorite part of this volunteer experience is seeing the transformation of the kids from beginning of the year to the end. It is invigorating knowing that I am playing an integral part of their spiritual growth especially as they prepare to enter middle school. I consider it my time to fortify them in their faith before they enter that emotional battlefield. Many of the children have oppositional attitudes formed from previous life experiences, but to watch them drop their walls and accept The Lord into their life is heart-warming. It gives me a sense of accomplishment--I feel like I am contributing to society and making a difference in the lives of others.

 I have volunteered at many places and have given a lot of my time to help others. I recommend community service to everyone, because it builds leadership skills and develops one’s character. I have my Sunday school class and Girl Talk, which have both in their own unique way made me a better person.

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