Be Inspiring Month: Diving Into Horizons

My favorite community service project that I have participated in was when I volunteered for a summer at Horizons. Horizons is a program that educates under-privileged children through a summer camp. My school has a partnership with my school, which is how I was able to get involved with it.  My job in the program was to teach the children how to swim. Every day for two weeks I would go to the pool and help children ages 5-9 with the basics in swimming.

Horizons was a great experience because the children were so much fun to work with. It was wonderful to see how far they came in their ability to swim. Even though many of them struggled, they kept trying and trying until they were able to get it right. It was hard work, but everyone had a great time! Swimming has always been a passion of mine and it was great to be able to share that passion with them. There was nothing I liked better than getting in the water when I was a kid, and it was awesome to see that same love in these children. I would recommend volunteering with this program to anyone!

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