#AntiBullyingMonth: Not Allowing the Bullies Get to Me

A few years ago, I was bullied for being different. I did not look like every other girl at school. So people judged me without even knowing me. I reacted to the cruelty by "ignoring" it until it irritated me enough that I broke down crying one day at practice. My friend sat me down and told me I was awesome and beautiful just the way I am. She told me to forget about the haters because many people love me. She said those who mind don't matter and the people who don't mind, matter. It really opened my eyes that not everyone will like you or care for what you look or act like but you need to be happy; if you can accept who you are then that is all that matters. People will fall in love with what you are than what you think you need to be.

That day on I learned to be myself for two reason; everyone else is taken and so why should I hide my qualities from the world? Everyone is different and should embrace who they are because if everyone was the same we could not meet interesting and new people.

After that incident, I was not bothered by those bullies again because I was confident and I "killed them with kindness."  Being kind to people that are being mean to you is tough to do but worth it. It really confuses them and makes them forget why they bullied you. Self confidence and resilient really helped me through that time.

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