OHMMMM: Finding Peace in Yoga

Today, our Existing Chapters Coordinator, Danae tells us about her love for yoga:

I first tried yoga when I was in high school. I heard so many people talk about how wonderful it was and how it would transform not only your body for your mind as well; it seemed I couldn’t escape the topic of yoga. The primary offenders were my dad and my sister, they loved talking about yoga and how great it made them feel. Eventually, I decided I had to try this out myself.  While signing up for summer camp, I noticed one of the classes offered was a yoga class—this was the perfect opportunity to try it. I even convinced of my friends to try it out with me, because it’s always easier to try something different with a friend.

When it was time for me to try my first yoga class, I didn’t know what to except.  All I knew was if I could get a workout without running and lifting weights, I was in. The start of the class of was an introduction of the breath and how important it was to focus on your breath. We then learned to listen to our bodies and to not push ourselves too far. It’s quite common in a class to want to push yourself into poses your body might not be ready for simply because you notice everyone else is doing it. This was often a mistake I was guilty of committing. It took me a long time to realize the practice of yoga is more about your progress over time rather than instant success.

Over the years as I have continued practicing yoga, I have enjoyed how the lessons of yoga transfer very well into my everyday life. For example, a big lesson is the importance of breathing. Often times when your body is put through stress such as a strange position or even emotional stress, your breath becomes much shallower which makes it harder for you to concentrate and to remain calm. So instead of thinking about how much work I have to do or why do I have to stay in dog ward facing dog or what seems like an eternity, I focus simply on breathing. The more I concentrate on my breath, the less stressed out I feel.

I look forward to doing yoga, because the one quiet time of day where I get to shut out the world and get tuned with my body. If you’re interested in yoga, I encourage you to try it! Just remember always be safe and listen to your body! The hardest part is just getting started, but once you do, you won’t regret it! Happy yogaing! 

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