Fit to Inspire: Missy Franklin

One of the favorite athletes this past Olympics was Missy Franklin, the 17-year old swimmer who won medals and the hearts of millions.  While she may be an Olympic Gold-Medalist, we think her humility and down-to-earth essence is why she is fit to inspire!


Missy Franklin took a Mommy & Me Class when she was only six months old.  Her parents knew that she was a water-lover right then because, unlike the other babies, she did not cry once. In fact, she actually smiled at her mom as soon as she got into the water!  At the age of five, her parents put her into competitive swimming after Missy chased a fish while snorkeling.

In 2008, Missy participated in her first Olympic Trials. If you did your math correctly, then you'll realize that she was only THIRTEEN at this time! She did not meet the requirements to go into the Olympics, but she got a taste and began pursuing her dream.

Unlike most professional athletes, Missy was not homeschooled.  Even though she wanted to reach her Olympic dream, she did not want to leave her friends.  She wanted to live as close to a normal life as possible, which meant she went to school all day and then practice.  Can you say, "balance"?

In 2012, Missy finally qualified to be on the Olympic Swim Team, and, boy, did she bring it!  She received three gold medals, one for the 200-meter back stroke, one for the 100-meter back stroke, and one for her participation in the 4-by-200-meter freestyle relay team.  She also received the bronze for the 4-by-100-meter freestyle relay. Talk about making a splash!

Despite her amazing career, Missy still holds herself like a regular teenager.  Reporters are amazed with her care-free, humble attitude.  Her character shows that anything is possible with enough energy and determination.  Because of her attitude, we think that Missy Franklin is fit to inspire!

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