Fit to Inspire: Gabrielle Douglas

We all know who Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas is! You might also have heard her being called by her nickname, “The Flying Squirrel.”  Regardless, she is one of the favorite (and most memorable!) athletes from the 2012 Summer Olympics! With her humility, beauty (inside and out), and heartwarming smile, we think that she is fit to inspire!

Gabby actually had very humble beginnings when she was born.  Her family was homeless and she was diagnosed with Branched Chain Ketoaciduria, which is when the body cannot break down certain proteins.  Miraculously, the disease disappeared after six months.

Things got better as she got older, and her mother was able to afford gymnastic lessons for Gabby.  She quickly grew out of local gyms, and began persuading her mother to let her train in Iowa so that she could train under the elite coach Liang Chow and end compete in The Olympics.  At age 14, her mother finally agreed and she moved to Iowa to train and lived with a host family, the Partons.

Gabrielle & Liang Chow embrace during The Olympics

Gabby qualified for the Olympics, and we all know the story! She received the Olympic Team Gold and the Olympic Gold in the Women’s Gymnastics All-Around Title.  She is not only the first African-American to receive the All-Around title, but she is also the first female gymnast in history to receive Gold for both team and All-Around in the same Olympics.  This isn’t the end of Gabby, though! She plans on competing in Summer 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
The Fierce Five winning gold!
Gabby is fit to inspire! For more information on her, pick up her book Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith, a definite must read! <3

Not to mention, one of our Leaders, Moriah Wilson, got to meet her!! So inspired! <3

Have an inspiring day!

The Girl Talk Team

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