Everyday Inspirations: To the Game We Go!

Advisor, Tawaiian Rhodes, writes today's Everyday Inspirations about her time at the Atlanta Hawks Game!

As an Advisor, I’m always looking of new ways to keep my girls motivated and inspired. By planning trips, meetings, community events, I just want them to be connected. While following Girl Talk online, I came across their post of having tickets to the Hawks game. I posted that I’d like the tickets for the game as a way to show teamwork to my girls. We got them the Friday before the game. It was such an amazing experience being in the Girl Talk office and meeting Haley and her awesome team.
Tawaiian and her family at the Girl Talk HQ

 Our meeting was Monday, the night before the game. I was so excited to tell the girls about the game, but they were even more excited than I was! My daughter Amariah was so excited, by the time I was on the way to pick her up she had invited more of her friends! 
Amariah & her friend representing Girl Talk at the game!
We met up and had a wonderful time at the game filled with family and group members. For some, this was their first time ever attending a professional sporting event. My enjoyment came in watching the joy on their faces, the screams that came from the voices, and the warm hugs that said thank you. This trip was amazing for us and of course they are looking to do it all again. Thanks Again Girl Talk!

Tawaiian Rhodes
Founder & Director, I Am Worth It!

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