Everyday Inspirations: Tell Somebody!

 A Girl Talk Leader shares an inspiring experience from a recent Chapter Meeting., 2013
The other day during a discussion at our Girl Talk meeting, one of the girls told one of our leaders that she had been cyber bullied. Someone had posted a mean status on her wall, and although she blocked the girl, other people continued to comment mean things. Our leader knew exactly what to do and brought the girls to our advisors- two different teachers at the school. The teachers then encouraged the girl and also had her write down all of the names of the people involved, even if they did not attend our school.
I wanted to share this inspiration to let all the middle school girls know that it is O.K. To come to a leader when something bad is happening to you or a friend. I know that it can be hard talking to a parent or a teacher, but luckily Girl Talk girls can go to a Leader first and they can go TOGETHER to determine what steps to take from there. We appreciate it SO much when you come to us because we are here to make a difference in your lives!
A Girl Talk Leader <3

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