Beauty on the Inside

Today's society has placed a great deal of importance on what young women should look like. Sometimes the stress of being told what dress size you should be overpowers the significance of what lies inside your heart. This shouldn’t be what happens.

Growing up always being told to "Stay strong and be kind," I knew that I was doing something right if I was going out of my way to show unconditional kindness to someone else. Never before middle school had how others view me been important. However what should be meaningful and important is not others' superficial view of you. What should be important to you is the content of your character and the quality of your heart.

Girls shouldn't have to constantly be worried with how they look to feel accepted by their peers. The standard of beauty is constantly changing, so in turn what's considered beautiful now could possibly change in a few years or even just a few months. What's truly significant and constant is how beautiful you are on the inside.

The way you treat others says more about how beautiful you are than how you appear in a mirror ever could. Keep beauty in your heart. Be kind. Be gracious. And above all, know that you were created for a purpose that far exceeds the plan you could ever have for yourself.

Olivia Burger
Miss Columbus' Outstanding Teen

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