Community Service: Comfort Bags

When the Girl Talk Chapter at Kimberly Middle School noticed that many families were being diagnosed with cancer, they decided to do something about it. Through the generous donations of students at their school, the Chapter was able to provide a little ray of sunshine in the lives of those who were living in a nightmare. 

"Sadly our small school district was plagued with many cancer stories last year affecting elementary kids all the way up to staff members. My counselor and I decided that we would do a Kindness Campaign for the month of February and we would have students bring items needed for comfort bags. Lists were provided to Prime Times (or home rooms) and students brought in items. The Prime Time that brought the most items would receive a popcorn party." - Nikki Mathews, Chapter Advisor for Kimberly Girl Talk. 

Amazingly, Nikki was able to take care of getting the bags that the materials would be packaged in. As a Thirty-One Consultant, she promoted the cause to many of her customers and they sponsored bags for children and adults. 

The Kimberly Girl Talk Girls got together to load up the bags. According to Nikki, it was one of their favorite community service projects of the year. The Chapter gave more than 20 bags to families affected by cancer or tragedy in their small district. These bags held goodies that would lift spirits, as well as essential items that would be useful for the many trips a family has to regularly travel to receive quality treatment. It was truly a special way to give back to the community and show neighbors that they are not in the fight alone. 

Check out some of the items that were collected by Kimberly Middle School students! (Girl Talk also recommends checking out Pinterest as a resource for ideas!)

  • chapstick
  • unscented lotion
  • face wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • mouthwash/toothpaste/toothbrush/oral care
  • laundry soap
  • tissues
  • deodorant (without aluminum) 
  • gum/tic-tacs
  • hard candy/breath mints
  • protein bars/granola bars
  • water bottles
  • paperback books/coloring books with crayons for kids
  • magazines/books for parents
  • small toys/stuffed animals
  • light fleece blankets
  • sleeping masks/travel pillows
  • nail care kit
  • activity books (sudoku/crossword)
  • card games
  • inspirational quotes/cards

Way to go Kimberly Girl Talk! We are so proud and so inspired - thank you ladies for making a difference in the lives of the people around you and for loving your community well! 

All the love, 

Girl Talk, Inc.

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