#BeAMentorMonth: Who is your mentor?

Looking back on my life so far I can think of multiple scenarios where I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision. Whether it related to my academics or just advice in general I have always looked to others for guidance. One person I can always count on to be there for me is Tay Rivers. I have known Tay since I was in the fourth grade. She is a few years older than me so I have to admit that when we first met she was a little intimidating. Little did I know then that this would not be the case as I got older and started high school.

When I was in the tenth grade I took an advanced Spanish course that was very challenging. Knowing that she excelled in Spanish I reached out to Tay for help. Even though she started out as just my tutor it was not long before our relationship evolved. Over time I found myself increasingly going to her for both academic and personal advice.

When she graduated high school I felt sure that our friendship would slowly fade away as she became accustomed to her new life as a college student. But this was not the case as she is still there for me, even though she is busy beginning the new chapter in her life.

Ane's mentor, Tay
When I reflect on our friendship I do not hesitate to attribute the strength in our relationship as a result of her personality. Tay is one of few people who I can contact at anytime of day and never failing she is there to listen. Along with being a good listener, she also offers me good advice. No matter the situation I may be going through she always gives me the perfect response that is the solution to my problem. I know that regardless of the circumstance I can count on her to lead me in the right direction.

Most importantly Tay displays the upmost level of genuine affection to everyone in her presence. I am very grateful for the friendship I share with Tay and everyday she inspires me to do the same. I hope that one day I can serve as a mentor for someone else and shine a light in their lives in the same way Tay has in mine.

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