Be Inspiring Month: Community Service is a Relationship!

Hannah built a stage in Puerto Rico!
Community service is important because it reminds us of how much we have to be grateful for. Sometime it takes us being out of our comfort zones to see how much we are blessed with. It’s sad because a lot of people take their well-being, families, things and lives for granted. Plugging into a community and serving them not only reminds us of what we have but it makes us feel good and happy. Happiness and helpfulness go hand in hand.

When I serve, I love seeing the faces of the people that I am working with because everything in life is based off of a relationship. You can’t get anywhere without having human-to-human contact. Helping and serving those in need is just a part of human interaction; at least that’s how I see it!

Community service warms my heart and makes me joyful. I love people, I love interacting with and encouraging others. It’s who I am. That is why community service is important.

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